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ACT: Defueld

STYLE: Metal

DESCRIPTION: Defueld’s music can be described as a mix of contemporary metal with large influences from the world of heavy rock and trash metal, with a big emphasis on strong melodies, vocal harmonies and heavy grooves.

ACHIEVEMENTS: In November of 2007, Defueld went on tour in Senegal, Africa, becoming the first ever metal band to perform in that region. Performing for over 6000 people in the Dakar suburb called Pikine the event got huge attention and was embraced by the national media, calling Defueld’s visit one of the biggest things to happen in the Senegalese music scene in the last 20 years. Defueds Debut album was the 4:th most sold metal album in Sweden 2007.

DISCOGRAPHY: Defueld, 2009 / New album in the making. Scheduled release 2012


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